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My first Colombian Tegu

Even though Captive Bred Creations is a result of my passion and obsession with reptiles and I do all of the work involved with it, I still consider my children to be a part of it as they help in their own ways. They are my driving force and inspiration. Its my dream for them to share the same fascination that I have for these unique animals.

We are located in South Carolina where we are able to keep some of the species of lizards outdoors most of the year. Currently the bulk of the collection is comprised of Tegus, but we also keep other lizards and snakes as well. My collection and husbandry has been ever evolving and changing over the past 17 years. You can view the collection here

With that said, I am not one to advocate care sheets. Most care sheets are regurgitated information which a lot of times is wrong. So instead of "copy/cut" and "paste" the information, I will tell you that

My "little helper"
the best care sheet you can find will be the animals themselves. Study, Observe, and Learn. Isn't that better than going off of someone's opinion? Now I'm not saying that this industry doesn't have a lot of knowledgeable people, I'm just saying most of them aren't going to be posting "care sheets" on forums and such. If you have questions, do your research and contact the breeders themselves. Also an article about a specific animal is much better to go from than some random care sheet.

I'm in no way "The Largest Breeder of any one particular animal in the World" or "The Leading Expert of that animal in the World" either, I just try to learn what my animals offer to teach me and the experiences I can learn from other breeders whom I respect, nothing more and nothing less.

In closing, I believe that education is vital to the survival of this hobby/industry

Take care, we're outta here.
that we love and cherish. The more that the ignorant is educated, the better the chance that it'll be around for my children's children. If you have the opportunity to enlighten someone about reptiles I encourage you to do so. Even if all they learn is that reptiles aren't "slimy". Just remember that there is a difference between educating and trying to push your views and beliefs upon others.

Wil Combs